Management Development

 Business Environment & Strategic Management
 Business Organisation & Management
 Emerging Business Scenario
 Business & Society
 Social Responsibility of Business
 Cardinal Pillars of Business Success
 Planning, Organising, Directing & Controlling
 Organisational Objectives & Planning
 Organisation Structure
 Organisation as a Social System
 General Management Development Programme (GMDP)
 Crisis Management
 Management Techniques for New Entrants
 Change Process & Resistance to Change
 Managing Organisational Change with Dynamic Leadership
 Executive Development
 Modern Office Management
 Time Management
 Management of Stress
 Managing People Effectively
 Effective Meetings
 Supervisory Excellence
 Productivity in Office Administration
 Evaluating Business Excellence
 An Assertive Manager
 Finance for Non-Finance Executives
 Deciphering Financial Reports
 Financial Planning & Control in Small/Medium Enterprises
 Costing for Executives
 Total Cost Management for Competitive Edge
 Conflict Management
 Business Feasibility & Profitability Analysis
 Entrepreneurship Development of Women
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