Marketing Management

 Marketing Research Projects
 Demand Surveys
 Consumer Research & Opinion Surveys
 Preparation of District Profiles to Set up Cottage & Rural Industries
 Diagnostic Study to Identify the Critical Areas Hampering Productivity of SSIs & Crafts
 Marketing Strategies & Technology Upgradation in Informal Sector (Handcrafts, handloom, KVIC etc.)
 Replication of Productivity Improvement Projects at different Craft Centres in different States
 Critical Evaluation of the Role of Developmental & Promotional Agencies in Informal Sector
 District level Integrated Cooperative Development Projects (ICDP)
 Status Survey of Crafts & SSIs
 Study of the Potential Export-worthy Crafts
 Evaluation of the Public Distribution System
 Appraisal of District/State level Effectiveness of Consumer Protection Measures
 Evaluation of IRDP & DWCRA Programmes
 Marketing Planning & Control
 Marketing for Non-Marketing Executives
 Orientation in Marketing Management
 Marketing for Competitive Edge
 Benefit Selling Techniques for Emporia Salespersons
 Benefit Selling Techniques for Medical Representatives
 Sales Management Today
 Art of Window Dressing & Window Display
 Environmental Issues in Marketing
 Marketing Concept for PSUs
 Marketing versus Bureaucracy
 Marketing Myths
 Business Enterprises & Export Marketing
 Efficient Public Distribution System
 Consumer Education & His Guidance
 Role of NGOs & Voluntary Organisations in Consumer Protection
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