Human Resource Development

 Organisational Effectiveness
 Problem Solving & Decision Making
 Leadership in a Learning Organisation
 Morale & Motivation
 Motivating Employees for a Peak Performance
 People-Jobs Match
 Cooperation & Team Work
 Effective HR Policies & Service Manual
 Performance Appraisal
 Manager as a Trainer
 Training Management
 Worker & Trade Union Development
 Creating Positive Attitudes towards Work
 Promoting Work Culture & Good Human Relations
 Discipline in Industry
 Good Industrial Relations (IR)
 Managing People Effectively
 Team Building
 Building a High Profile Team
 Attitudinal Change to Win
 Attitudinal Change & Self-Development
 HRD Participative Management
 Managerial Effectiveness
 People-friendly Public Health Services
 People-friendly Police Services
Secretarial Skills
 Effective Secretarial Practices
 Developing Top Flight Executive for Millennium
 Writing Right Business Letters
 Recording Minutes of Meetings
Communication Skills
 Building Holistic Organisations through Effective Communication
 Art of Effective Presentation
 Transactional Analysis
 Successful Negotiation
 Professional Image for Telephone Operators/Receptionists
 Right Conversation Skills
 Effective Communication Skills
 Communicating Effectively with Staff
 Art of Effective Presentation
 Art of Listening & Communicating
 Successful Negotiation
Creative Thinking & Mind Stretching
 Developing Proactive Thinking
 Creative Learning
 Creativity & Innovation
 Problem Solving & Creativity
 Idea Generation, Brainstorming & Teamwork
Image Building
 A Professional Image?
 Personal Effectiveness
 Group Effectiveness
 Self-Improvement & Personality Development
 Be Your Best
 Personal Magnetism & self-esteem
 Discovering Self & Personality Analysis
 Introspection & Personality Development
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